You can’t outrun the monster, but you can outrun your friends!

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Few Words About Us

Welcome to Good Looking Richard games.

Three friends who play board games were sitting around a table outside in Madrid one warm October night talking about games.

They decided they had enough ideas for games that they wanted to make their own.

So in 2016 Ian Barrow, Szymon Stuglik and Paul Hunter started designing concepts for games they wanted to play.


It’s Halloween in 2050 at a fancy dress party at the monster movie museum. You and your friends are at the party when a freak lightning storm makes one of the realistic movie monsters come to life! It’s chasing you! You don’t have to outrun it just each other !!!!!!!

Outrun is a competitive card game that pits you against your fellow escapees. Place the movement cards in the order shown on a path card faster than the other players. Only the first one out survives! Struggling to escape? Then hinder other players with an interference card to make their escape more difficult.

We are working with the talented Kamila Szutenberg (@KamilaSzutenber) to create vibrant and fun artwork.

Translated rulebooks

  • English - Game rules version 2.0
  • German - Die Spielregeln werden derzeit aktualisiert
  • Polish - Zasady gry w trakcie aktualizacji
  • French - Règles du jeu en cours d'actualisation
  • Italian

Board games in a minute Outrun summary :)

Gameplay instructions

Gameplay video coming soon :)


That's us :)

Ian Barrow

I’ve been gaming in one shape or another since my father introduced me to Castle (1984) back in 1984. A passion for logic puzzles and a competitive nature when it comes to gaming, I have longed for a while to create something that I can be proud of. Outrun is the first game I’ve created and I hope it to be a success. Outside of gaming I am a keen reader of fantasy fiction, an above average pool player and an avid motorcyclist. A recent purchase of a classic VW beetle has also allowed me to reignite my passion for tinkering with cars and now with access to a garage, I finally have the space to do it.

Paul Hunter

From family board games to chess to console and PC games I have been gaming my whole life. As a programmer I love creating complex systems that look and work simply and I hope to bring that to the games we make. I'm excited to work on an RPG in the future as I enjoy reading and writing stories and would like to write an elaborate back story for a game, as one of my favourite games of all time is Dark Souls and I love the lore in that series. As a dad I want to make games that are accessible to children and families as well as hardcore gamers. I also enjoy travelling and finding new places to eat out when I have the time.

Szymon Stuglik

I've been gaming pretty much the bigger part of my life, though it's fair to say that real passion for board games truly kicked of when I moved in to Germany in 2013. Initially, I've enjoyed lighter, more story driven games such as Descent, Imperial Assault and Shadows of Brimstone (which to this day remain one of my favourite), currently I'm a proud owner and enthusiast of much wider spectrum of games. Twilight Imperium, Blood Rage, Too Many Bones, Great Western Trail and Brass being my current top five. Together with Ian and Paul I've founded Good Looking Richard Games (when you see us at a convention ask us about the name ) through which I'm hoping to bring amazing board games to the table.


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